New Site!

If you're reading this, my SquareSpace site has officially gone live! Welcome!

My previous site was a personal victory, as I coded it entirely from scratch. I considered it a kind of declaration of personal independence from my previous WordPress site. Wordpress has a lot going for it, but I didn't care for a lot of the behind the scenes functionality. I decided to build mine from the ground up.

Since I originally anticipated making the site a mostly static page, that seemed to be a good move. However, I realized that I wanted to simplify things on the backside. Rather than a lot of hand-written code, I want to have a setup that will allow me to easily update my site without having to copy and paste code all over the place.

Unfortunately, I don't have the time or ability to learn that right now, so it seemed like the best option was to go back to a premade CMS (content management system), and I decided to give SquareSpace a shot.

More blog updates are coming soon. Keep an eye here for further news!