Cats, November 2017

The Ad-dressing of Cats

The Ad-dressing of Cats


Directed by Mike Doggett

This show was my first opportunity to take complete creative charge of a musical with live orchestra. Mike was a newcomer to our school, though he has quite extensive teaching experience. When he proposed Cats, I had my misgivings, but I was optimistic that we would manage to pull something together.

With a small cast of 27 high school students, all of whom had limited experience in one or more of the three skills of acting, singing, and dancing, this was a big bite. I made significant adaptations to the choral lines to bring it within reach of our cast.

After two weeks of vocal rehearsal, we spent most of the rest of the rehearsal process in choreography rehearsal, so my work was primarily spent reconciling score inconsistencies with the choreographer and providing accompaniment for runs of the show as it came together.

I was very excited to get to lead the performances from the conductors' podium. This show had an orchestra of 10, including three keyboards which I took special charge of (using the RMS Keyboards app). During the opening night, I had to sight read from the Keyboard 1 book as well as conduct, due to unforeseen circumstances.