The 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee, March 2018


Directed by Marieda Kilgore

This show was an exciting opportunity in three ways. First, it was a chance to return to a show that I have directed before, but this time in a community setting. Second, it was my first time working with Marieda. And third, it was my first opportunity to build a show with orchestra from the ground up.

We had some 30 auditionees, which we narrowed down to a cast of 10. The standard cast is 9, and we added one actress to cover Olive's Mom and fill out the world of the show.

The students were a strong cast of young performers, and the adults had varying levels of experience, but all had a solid musical ear and showed great willingness to work on the challenging harmonies.

The orchestra was placed onstage. I recruited musicians from the local community, drawing on my contacts as well as those of Sal Jiminez, who had previously collaborated on musicals with me. Besides myself, we had a drummer (John Paddie) and reed player (Aaron Martinez).

Show dates were March 9-31, 2018.