Magnolia West High School, 2015-2019

For four years, I worked as a choir director at Magnolia West High School. As a member of a two-person team, I have worked with head director Sylvia Garza to develop excellent choral singing and musical intelligence in our students.

My primary responsibility was the vocal development of our men's choir. This group, made up of freshmen and beginner singers, grew from a total novice to UIL Varsity level by the end of the year. This was a great challenge, and I've enjoyed working with these young men and getting to know them as people as well as shepherding their musical growth.

On several occasions I was able to help conduct the other ensembles, including leading several groups in small performances and at UIL Concert and Sight Reading. In 2017, I helped conduct a non-varsity treble choir, and in 2019 my Varsity Men’s Choir earned a UIL Sweepstakes trophy, rewarding their hard work and dedication all year.

During UIL Solo & Ensemble, I helped organize pianists and usually played for several students as well. You can find more information under my Keyboard tab.

In addition to teaching, I helped out a lot behind the scenes. I became the resident tech support, and helped nudge the program into the 21st century through our use of online databases and surveys to gather information. I used Google Drive extensively, as well as Charms Office Assistant.

When I arrived at MWHS, I also inherited a fledgling piano program. My predecessor, who is a very accomplished pianist, had begun teaching group piano as a course offering. Under my guidance, the program grew to a consistent 16-20 students per year, split into beginner and intermediate students. Each student had their own keyboard in class, and instruction emphasized both group playing and individual guidance and repertoire.

At the end of each year, the students gave a formal performance showcasing their growth. We used the stage and hosted a reception afterward. I was very proud every year.


Pasadena High School, 2014-2015

In 2014, just after graduating from Baylor University, I was hired as the head of a two-person team at Pasadena High School, a 6A high school near Houston, TX.

During my year there, I helped to continue the tradition of strong music making in Pasadena ISD. The school is over 100 years old and has a great deal of pride in itself and its community.

During this year I conducted the Men’s Choir (made up mostly of freshmen) and the Chamber Singers (made up mostly of upperclassmen). We took the Chamber Singers and the A Cappella Choir (conducted by my assistant Michael Taylor) as a combined ensemble to UIL Concert & Sight Reading.

During this year I also played piano for soloists and for the Region XIX Men’s Choir, and I helped direct music for Guys and Dolls.