Theatre Keyboard


When I work as a music director, I often play for rehearsals or in the orchestra. I also play for rehearsals and auditions for other shows. Listed below are the shows I’ve worked on in various capacities.

Music Director and Pianist

I have worked simultaneously as rehearsal keyboard and in some kind of director capacity on the following shows:

For shows I've directed that included recorded tracks, I generally play from the vocal score for teaching rehearsals, as it allows me to adjust tempos and double parts as needed.

Ensemble OR Rehearsal Keyboard

Sometimes it is a great pleasure to observe another music director and assist at the keyboards. I have been exclusively the keyboard player for the following:

  • Parade (rehearsal pianist, piano/accordion)

  • Something Rotten (K3)

  • Ragtime (rehearsal pianist)

  • Young Frankenstein (rehearsal pianist)

  • The Sound of Music (rehearsal pianist)

  • Godspell at The Players Theatre Company (rehearsal pianist)

  • [Title of Show] at Iconotheatrix, Houston (Larry)

  • Songs for a New World with Houston Family Arts Center (now called Stageworks Theatre) (rehearsal and performance pianist)

Synthesizer Programmer

I have programmed the keyboard books for a number of shows, and modified rented programming for others.

  • Something Rotten (Keyboard 3)

  • Cats (rented RMS Keyboards)

  • Disney’s Beauty and the Beast (Keyboard 1 and Keyboard 2)

  • Disney’s The Little Mermaid (Keyboard 1 and Keyboard 2)

  • Meet Me in St. Louis (Keyboard book)